Carol Marshall, Owner

Carolb&wWelcome to Pangaea! I am the salon owner, and master stylist of ALL hair types! I am a graduate of the prestigious Paul Mitchell The School, and have over 16 years of experience. After working in several high-end salons where I felt I did not fit in, I found my home at a barbershop. Precision Kutz and Stylze. There, I learned superb barbering skills, and how to cut, treat, style, ethnic, naturally curly hair with Precision. I really received my greatest experience and education under some of the best barbers in Denver, and I truly blossomed! I discovered my passion for different hair types, especially curly hair. After almost six years at the barbershop, I opened a small, one-chair salon in my basement. As my clientele grew, I knew it was time to find a salon. I realized it had to be my salon—not just any salon! I wanted to give other hairstylists a chance at running their own businesses, and to experience freedom! I wanted them to take their lives into their own hands!

Through manifestation, vision, inspiration, faith, and diligence, Pangaea Salon was born. It’s a pure miracle! What I envisioned has come to life: community, laughter, friendships, and changing lives—one haircut and conversation at a time. I am so thankful for this experience. I am beyond grateful for the community that surrounds me. I love offering advice and helping people through their trials; not just doing hair. I’m here because I really care. I really believe I can make a difference in people’s lives! I believe my salon can make a difference by being a Green Circle salon. We recycle everything we use. I believe in a better world, and I believe that can start right here, through Pangaea Salon.

I chose “Pangaea” because it invokes a time when the Earth was one continent, encompassing everyone. Anyone.

When I am not creating amazing hairstyles, I love being with my family: being a mother to my three, wonderful boys, and an being a wife to an awesome, supportive husband. I love, live, and breathe yoga. It has changed me in so many ways. We can talk about it!

I love music, laughter, friendship, nature, and this Earth. I look forward to the new friendships I am about make, and most of all, welcoming you to my salon!