Jennifer McKee, stylist

Jennifer MckeeHonestly hair was something I just kind of fell into. I always really enjoyed watching people cut hair but it wasn't until I was 11 that I tried it myself. Crayola safety scissors in hand, I made the chop— much to everyone's surprise my new bangs actually looked great! Not long after, I recruited my sisters and cousins to be my "models" and pretty soon all of us had new haircuts. Haircutting always seemed to make sense to me but I never saw it as more than a hobby. When I was 15 I got accepted to the cosmetology program at the career tech school near my home town. The funny thing is that even after I got in I never planned on actually being a hairstylist. My initial goal was just to try a new skill and have fun, so I kept working and learning. Eventually I realized that being a hairstylist is about way more than just doing hair. It's about helping dreams become reality and building friendships with people I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to meet. It's about listening, being a shoulder to cry on and using communication and creativity to change the course of the clients day. Doing hair is the avenue to a much much deeper place and I feel so fortunate to be a part of that. One day it clicked that behind the chair is exactly where I want to be, so since I was a 15 year old kid that's where I have stayed.

Haircutting (for both men and women) has always been my favorite service but I also enjoy doing really subtle blended color, like balayage and ombré. I love when people have to try guess wether the color I did was natural or done at the salon. Soft color keeps me on my toes because it is not easy! However, it’s very rewarding for both the client and myself when we totally nail it!