Welcome to Pangaea Salon!

Pangaea [pænˈdʒiːə}

n. The ancient supercontinent, comprising all the present continents joined together, which began to break up about 200 million years ago. [from Greek, literally: all-earth]

We are your friendly neighborhood salon and we are excited to have you. Although this is our first year, we have years of experience and perhaps you could even say, our salon has been years in the making. Our concept is to provide everyone, regardless of hair type or ethnicity, a modern and flattering hairstyle at a reasonable price in the most natural, environmentally friendly ways possible. We want you to feel relaxed and welcome to our ‘home’ in an earthy, soothing environment, inspired by nature. You will feel comfortable knowing that we only work with product companies who use naturally derived ingredients, sustainable energy, responsible packages, and, in some cases, are vegan. You will find no harsh chemicals used here. Our color and smoothing treatments are natural and gentle. We are a salon for everyone. We hope you never again have to ask, “Can you do my hair?” We hope to see you soon!